How to Stop Hair Fall?

Inversion Method

Most of the time hair fall is just due to lack of proper nutrition to the hair follicles. This can occur due to lack of exercise or lack of proper blood circulation through out the body. The inversion method works only in such cases.

Everyday for one week you must bend your head down for 4-5 minutes and keep massaging the scalp simultaneously. Repeat the exercise again after a month. The break is so that the body does not get used to the exercise and stop showing its effect.

Hair Oiling and Scalp Massage

Scalp massage helps improve blood circulation which delivers nutrients to the hair follicle. It is one of the basic techniques in hair care. Hair oil helps lubricate the hair and scalp at the same time, making it easy to massage and conditioning the hair.

It is true that hair oil does nothing more than conditioning the hair but regular application of oil keeps hair fall at bay and helps hair to stay frizz-free and manageable.

Take Care of your Hair Accessories and Choose Hair Products Wisely

Hair accessories like combs and bands get dirty and oily as well (when you apply oil). They must be washed and cleaned regularly to make sure the dirt and grease does not keep on transferring to your hair and scalp over time.

Try to buy wooden combs and avoid hair brushes if you have curly hair. Wooden combs distribute oils all through hair and calms the frizz.

Whenever you are buying hair care products, make sure you buy the professional ranges of good hair care brands instead of the over the counter products. Though expensive, the professional range products are gentle on hair and provide better maintenance. They help control the excess hair fall which can happen due to drying ingredients in the regular shampoos.

Pamper your hair every week with a hair mask. And, never EVER skip conditioner after a shampoo.

Exotic Oils and Essential Oils

I have time and again stressed on how essential oils are one of the best hair fall treatments. My favourites are Rosemary, peppermint, tea tree for hair. They help promote hair growth and reduce hair fall as well. You can mix essential oils in everything right from your hair oil to your shampoo, conditioners, hair masks and even the leave-in treatments.

Another pampering treatment I love is indulging in exotic oils like argan oil, hazelnut oil, macadamia oil, brazil nut oil. They all feel very luxurious (I am not sure how different they are from regular oils in terms of hair conditioning) but it is more of a feel good factor which leaves you and your hair happy after the treatment. It is more psychological.

So, these are just few ways on how to stop hair fall. But, you must remember that excess of everything is bad so if you feel hair fall is excessive, visit a dermatologist or trichologist immediately. Hair fall can indicate an underlying health condition.

What are your tips to stop hair fall?