As much as I love to preach that you should NEVER skip sunscreen, it is one rule I can never follow thoroughly. Either my laziness or the feel when I apply anything on my skin stops me from pursuing the course.

Having said that, I always try to start the routine and maintain it successfully as much as I can. Thus, I know the difference in the skin when you regularly apply sunscreen and when you discontinue it. So, lets see what you lose by not following the number one skin care rule.

5 Reasons Why You Must Apply Sunscreen Everyday

Sun damage is cumulative. The damage an be minimized with proper protection and skin care routine over a period of time but skin never really recovers from the damage already wrought on it. So, beware when you decide to skip the sunscreen next time.

Quality of Skin Changes

You would notice a marked change in the quality of your skin. If you skip sunscreen, your skin becomes a little tough and looses the plumpness which it naturally has and it has nothing to do with lack of hydration. It is something very subtle and indefinable but you feel it when you have alternated in the periods of putting on sunscreen and skipping it.

Skin Sags

Not only face but your neck and décolletage skin becomes flabby. You do not have to cross 30 for that. You can just skip a few months of sunscreen and see the difference. Regular usage of sunscreen would not make you hide your bags but definitely brings more sculpted look.

Pigmentation Issues

Well, this is something very obvious and very much known. Sun activates the melanin pigment in the body which leads to hyper pigmentation. Slowly, you might see lots of dark spots and blemishes, not only on your face but also other parts of your exposed body. My vote goes for arms and neck because it is easy to shield face than neck and arms.

Also, skipping sunscreen highlights the naturally darker patches of your skin as well. Regular sunscreen application helps camouflage the natural pigmentation of your skin and helps hiding your flaws.

No Deep Cleansing

You do NOT end up cleansing your skin all that well when you keep skipping sunscreen. You just wash your face and think you are good to go.

Sunscreen needs deep cleansing to remove every particle of its residue. This prompts you to use a cleansing milk or cleansing oils which deep cleanse your face on a regular basis. It keeps your blackheads away and pores are left cleaner. Sebum production is also controlled to a certain level helping the oily skin.

never skip sunscreen, apply sunscreen always

Sunlight Damages Skin even after Exposure

This is the most scary thing! Actually, the energy from the sun’s rays activates the enzymes in the body just a second into exposure and these enzymes stay activates for several hours. Their energy continues to damage the DNA even when you get indoors or it becomes dark.

So, I think I have convinced you and myself to NEVER skip sunscreen. See ya on Friday :)

So, do you apply sunscreen every single day without fail? Or, do you think skipping it a single day would cause you no harm?