Imagine having a fresh and glowing skin in the sweltering heat! How would you like that? Getting a constantly glowing face is not easy taking into account the varied and extreme weather conditions in India.

For me, personally, sunscreen is a huge factor when I go out in the morning to get that fresh look. You need to apply a lot of amount of sunscreen for proper protection and that does not harmonize with fresh and dewy look.

Although, skin care routine plays a major role as well. Check out few tips for glowing skin.

How to get glowing skin?

Choose Your Products Carefully!

Take time out to analyze your skin. Always remember, skin types changes according to age, weather conditions, lifestyle and diet among many others things. Understand what your skin really needs and feed it products accordingly.

In recent times, I have seen a lot of prejudice against chemical based products. Well, I would not say that organic or natural products are necessarily effective but there is no harm in exploring options when you are looking for a perfect product.

Jazz up your products

to include new ones like preserums, Vitamins (like A and C), hyaluronic acid, astaxanthins which improve the skin tone and provide much more nutrition to your skin. Swap your moisturiser with a facial serum along with a hydration agent. They are not only light, specifically for oily skin, but treat your skin in a complete manner.

glowing skin

Face Mists / Toners are a Real Help

Using a toner after washing the face helps make the skin damp and absorb the products more effectively. Not only this but face mists are great when you use them to refresh your face. Great for travelling and when you spend a lot of time outside.

But, never let toners or mists air dry on the face.

Spray them and blot with a tissue. If you let them air dry, the air sucks out the moisture completely from your skin while drying out the mist making your skin dehydrated.

Sunscreen is Important

Whatever may happen, NEVER forgo sunscreen. Try out news ones till you find one which works best for you. Apply in required quantity. Avoid tinted sunscreens because you can never apply them in required quantity. Instead, you can follow up with foundation.

Exfoliate Twice a Week

Make it a RULE! At night, use deep cleansing milk to remove sunscreen, wipe off with a wash cloth dipped in hot water, follow with face wash and exfoliate. Scrub your face. neck and décolletage twice a week and your entire body once a week.

More than anything, what you eat makes a lot of difference on your face. So, eat well, drink lot of fresh fruit juices and water and exercise to eliminate toxins. Living a healthy balanced life goes a long way in making your skin look beautiful and glowing.

What is your secret to get glowing skin?