Have you ever tried shaving? It is one of the most convenient and inexpensive ways to get rid of hair. It is also useful when you have an emergency and lack time for a salon trip.

Lately, shaving has gained prominence in the alternatives of hair removal though there are quite a lot misconceptions surrounding the procedure. It is said that shaving results in coarse and thicker hair growth which is why girls usually avoid it.

If these misconceptions interest you, let me share with you some of the shaving tips which will help you get started.

Shaving Tips – Which Razor to Use?

Male razor or a female one? Earlier, there were no razors available specifically for women. Now, you have variety of them in various colours as well. You can choose the disposable ones or you can go for the refillable blades like you might have seen your dad do. Most of these razors come with moisturising strips which claim to soften the skin after shaving. I have never seen any difference but then I have never used one without a strip either.

When to dispose? It really depends on the usage of the razor. Typically, if you use it for only one part of your body once a week, you can dispose it after a month. If the usage is little heavy like entire body, you can dispose it in fifteen days or immediately in case of any major nicks and cuts.

How to store? Always keep the razor in a safe place away from children. Wash it properly after use. Remove all the hair strands and clean the blades. Let it dry and then cover with the plastic cap it comes with to keep it clean. Storing in a higher cabinet rack in the bathroom is the best place.

Shaving Tips – Where can I Shave?

Typically, you can shave any part of your body as long as it is easily accessible to you. Generally, legs, arms, underarms and bikini lines are the ones mostly shaved. I have seen a few people rave about shaving facial hair recently but you need specialised razors for it. Body razor is not fit for use on face.

Shaving Tips – How should I shave Safely?

  • Shaving with razors usually come under wet hair shaving. Let your body soak in water for a few minutes. After bath is the best time to shave as it softens the hair pretty much.
  • Lather on your shaving cream. You can use shaving creams for women available in the market. Be generous. Let it sit for a minute or two.
  • Use razor in the direction of your hair growth. Repeat in the opposite direction for a final clean-up.
  • For every body part, there is a way to shave.
    • How to shave legs? Bend your knees when shaving. It gives a closer shave. But, also beware, the skin below knee is likely to get nicked due to the curve. For thighs, hold the skin taut and then glide the razor with a light hand.
    • How to shave underarms? Stretch your arm tightly and glide the razor with a firm hand. When shaving in the armpit, be very careful and do not bend the razor sideways.
  • Be gentle with the razor. Do not shave a patch of skin repeatedly.If the hair does not go, leave for the day. Repeat the next day or schedule a follow up session earlier than you would.
  • When there is a major growth to take care of, always use a fresh blade. New blades are sharp and remove the hair easily without nicks and cuts.
  • Hair growth is rapid after shaving so make sure you do it on a regular basis to avoid accumulation.
  • If you have long hair, be very careful while shaving as the hair can get tangled between blades. Using a fresh blade is advisable. Also, apply shaving cream in copious quantities in such a case.
  • After shaving, rinse your skin properly with cold water. Get rid of all the shaving cream traces. Get a cotton ball and apply antiseptic on the shaved area, nicked or not.
  • Moisturise.

Shaving Tips – Do I have to use Shaving Cream for Women?

There is no hard and fast rule that you must use a shaving cream for women.

Hair conditions are a great alternative as they provide the required slip. Hair conditioners works great for thick and coarse hair patches as well as long hair. The razor will just glide over and it saves the skin from getting dry as well.

Another alternative which I personally recommend is using a shaving oil. It is amazing for skin and hair. Also, it helps prevent ingrown hair which is usually a problem with hair epiliation. Next time, give it a try!

Shaving Tips – Should I shave my Facial Hair?

Actually, facial shaving has existed in Japan for years now. Even the aestheticians are providing services called dermaplaning which is akin to shaving.

Shaving is as good as a serious exfoliation. It is claimed to help with fine lines, collagen production and better absorption of skin care products. How much all this really happens is something I would not like to comment on. But, the claims are interesting to note! There are specific eyebrow razors which must be used for face, not the regular body razors.

But, if shaving does not interest you much, you must check out various other available hair removal tips for women.

So, what do you say about facial shaving? Do you like to shave or you prefer waxing?