I hardly talk about eye care separately. Honestly, I have never really bothered using any particular eye cream or took special care of my eyes. So, consequently, hardly any post was dedicated to it. But, then, sometimes when I am low on moisturizing, I notice that the fine lines around my eyes become very pronounced.
And, consequently, it would add a year or two to my age ? So, then, I would get around to moisturizing again. So, I thought I would list down a few things I could follow on a regular basis, not making my routine very involved or crammed with lot of serums.
Sunscreen and Shades
Huh…have you ever skipped on a sunscreen and checked out how your skin looks in a few days? Trust me, you do not want to do that!!
Btw, while applying sunscreen on the eye area, make sure you use your ring finger and pat the area around instead of rubbing the sunscreen in. Try to apply 2-3 coats!!
And, unless you are specy, you could do well with investing in shades. And, not forget to wear it as well. I know people who do!
Almond oil has worked the best for me till date but I do keep on using some or the other random oil – just a drop of it, however.
Of course, if you have decided preference towards eye creams, go for it and do not forget it even for a day.
Dark Circles, Dryness or Wrinkles
Again, almond oil will be my answer.  And, the best part is it helps with eyelashes as well :)
Puffy Eyes
It happens rarely with me but I simply splash lot of cold water on my eyes and rest my eyes a lot so they gradually lose their puffiness.
Drinking a lot of water or intake of salt at night results in puffy eyes so avoid doing that unless you have been drying your eyes out in which case the remedy would be to be happy :)
Clear Bright Eyes
Well, for starters, some are just blessed with the clear bright baby eyes and for those who are not, follow all the above advises and get good sleep. For the starters, its only a good night sleep which makes my skin look hydrated and young.
And, of course, washing eyes in the morning is a very important ritual, not only to clean them but also to wake you up! Probably a walk in the morning sunlight will help as well. And, keep strict technology off-limit times in your daily schedule.
How do you take care of your eyes?